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toothed discs

Our extensive standard program includes approximately 500,000 different drive belt discs.

We are able to manufacture drive belt discs according to your wishes. Drive belt discs can be made of various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel, cast iron and plastic.

A large and wide range of toothed belt disc allow reacting flexibly and quickly forward to every need.

We carry only the best quality products from known manufacturers, because your safety is our priority.


Our product range of toothed belt discs includes

  • Tapered clamping bushes
  • Weld-in hubs
  • V-pulleys for tapered clamping bushes
  • Ribbed belt pulleys for tapered camping bushes according to DIN 7867
  • Ribbed belt pulleys according to DIN 7867
  • Toothed belt discs according to your wishes
  • HTD toothed belt discs for finish bores
  • HTD toothed belt discs unbored / centered
  • Poly Chain discs
  • Clamping plates and special discs
  • Chain wheels with one-sided hub according to DIN 8187 and ISO 606
  • Chain wheels for tapered clamping bushes according to DIN 8187 and ISO 606
  • Chain wheel discs with one-sided hub according to DIN 8187 and ISO 606
  • Track tensioning pulleys complete with ball bearing - ready for installation -
  • Shaft-hub-connection
  • Prestress measuring instruments
  • Toothed discs metrical unbored / centered