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rubber-metal compounds

We manufacture rubber-metal compounds in small, medium or large series and, of course, also realize special requests for tailor-made composite parts in special qualities according to factory standards or to user specifications given by sketch, drawing or sample. Depending on the material, we can vary the hardness from approx. 25 to 95 ShoreA and are also able to produce the moulded parts from silicone or rubber FDA-compliant or in accordance with BfR recommendations in food quality.

  • Rubber materials such as NR, NBR, EPDM, CR etc.
  • Silicone materials
  • Black and coloured qualities
  • Hardening from approx. 25 to 95 ShoreA, depending on material
  • Food qualities e.g. FDA-compliant or BfR recommendation (former BGVV)
  • Special qualities according to factory standard
  • According to user specification
  • Many material combinations are possible
  • High strength of the rubber-metal connection
  • High load capacity of he component
  • Reduction of assembly work at the customers site

We offer you construction solutions wich enables us to produce qualitatively perfect, individual precision moulded parts. We take into account both the economic efficiency and the longevity oft he tools and incorporate parameters such as batch size acceptance, number of calibers, part geometry and material properties. The final design solution is first implemented in sample parts, then in concrete tool construction. In the entire process from the inquiry to the finished rubber-metal composite parts, 100% service, performance and quality are in the foreground for Gummitechnik GTS.